So, 2009 is over. And something has happened in the last couple of weeks to make me feel motivated again. Motivated to finish my degree, motivated to read more for pleasure, and what the heck… motivated to start this up again! I changed the look, and I’m gonna change things up a little as well. I hope to write in here at least once a week.

For 2010 I’m creating a reading resolution. I’ve crippled my leisure reading by convincing myself I don’t have time. It has taken me forever to finish a book. I get distracted after 5 minutes…  so bottom line? I want to read more. I miss reading. I see books that I want to read but i tell myself i don’t have the time. So many books so little time!

I came across the book  – via my readers advisory class – called Book Smart : Your Essential Reading List for Becoming a Literary Genius in 365 days. I ended up finding my goal. I will not be reading the entire list! BUT the neat this about this book is each month has several books that fall into a theme. So I decided that each month I will choose one book from the list to read.

January’s Theme is classics… The classic I chose is Homer’s Odyssey, translation by Robert Fitzgerald. In high school, our focus was on the Iliad. We read a story version of it to get the main story, but we didn’t really study it like we did the Iliad. So here I go 🙂

I’m also currently listening to The Hunger Games on Audio CD.