I want to be a library director. When I am presented with this opportunity I want my main focus to be community. My library would be full of people. It wouldn’t be loud, but there would be motion. I would definitely have a large sitting area near newpapers and magazines. There would also be a coffee bar here because who wants to read the paper uncaffeinated? In addition to this area there would be a teens area near the YA materials where they could hang out. It disgusts me that so many children and teens don’t have anywhere to go. While there are a few that I have had to kick out of the current library I work at, I think this space is needed. It would be a place where homework and socializing could happen simultaneously. My third “space” as it were would be the children’s area where they could play and learn at the same time. In addition to these spaces there would be a reading room for those who still want the silent place to read, a meeting room that has presentation capabilities, but also the ability to show movies. This could also be classroom space for community education classes, book groups, knitting circles, and yoga classes. And finally there would a lot of computers and a lot of places for laptop use as well.

I realize that there are most likely libraries out there like this. I have seen some that come close, but they’re all huge libraries that don’t really create a sense of community. On example of what could be done is all of the stuff in the previous paragraph could be housed on the ground floor, while the books, dvds, and other materials are housed on a second floor…

And I think that’s the end of my rambling on this subject for now.